is a company based in Milan, which provides dedicated support in all commercial activity for design and fashion brands through the various stages of their growth steps.

Providing a custom approach to managing and supporting the development of Luxury and Fashion brands, in all phases of their business lifecycle.
An in-depth understanding of today’s fast-changing industry drivers, an internal team of passionate fashion experts, a network of trusted partners. A unique partnership with clients, up to invest with different formula in the brand company equity.
Always guarantees the strictest confidentiality of every project of any company work with.

IBP Services

Brand Management

Branding definition, commercial strategy, development of co-branding and licensing activity.


Design activity based on inputs/moods and style directions. Presentation of first sketches, volumes and vintage inspiration, color cards, raw material proposals and collection presentations.

Commercial Activity

Analysis of sales for each product group, relationship with agents and showrooms, sales follow-up, search for new potential customers and scouting of showrooms and distributors.


Analysis of existing product categories, carryover and possible recovery of existing models, definition of the entry price and budgeting control.

Product Management

Managing collection timing and the various steps of the development activity. Coordination of all material arrivals and daily contact with suppliers. Production planning and follow up.


Established multi-brand showroom in Paris and Milan providing a highly visible and efficient sales platform to international contemporary designers. Sales managed by a digital platform to arrange meeting, manage and confirm the sales with buyers.

Digital Services

Creation and management of digital solutions for business development (platforms, websites, online stores).

Communication & Social Media

Access to our network of trusted partners: PR strategies, omnichannel communication, social media management, event creation, to create a unique interaction between brands and their clients.

Where we are

Headquarter and commercial office

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Milan’s Riccardo Grassi Showroom Partners With Sustainable Brand Platform
Beginning with the upcoming season, the parties will join forces to support fashion brands in measuring, improving and communicating their sustainable efforts and commitments. Download
La collezione autunno inverno 2021 2022 di Roberto di Stefano
Il brand è il primo in Italia a sviluppare un’intera collezione di borse con il pellame vegano di Desserto ottenuto dal cactus
Moda. Dal 16 al 18 gennaio, White lancia WSM con oltre 40 collezioni uomo e gender fluid
Tajani: “Grazie a un calendario totalmente on line, che coniuga linguaggi contemporanei e tecnologia, si permette a tante piccole realtà artigianali di presentare in maniera efficace e mirata le proprie idee e collezioni a buyer, giornalisti e operatori”
Wsm Fashion Reboot: con un progetto 100% digitale dà voce all'artigianato evoluto
Dare voce alle Pmi e alle realtà artigianali evolute della moda è l'obiettivo di Wsm Fashion Reboot, format di White sull'innovazione sostenibile che dal 16 al 18 gennaio debutta con un progetto interamente digitale sulla piattaforma Wsm-White.
WHITE lancia WSM digital con oltre 40 collezioni
Durante la Milano Fashion Week Men’s Collection torna WSM Fashion Reboot, format di White sull’innovazione sostenibile che per questa edizione debutta con un format interamente digitale
Wsm sarà online dal 16 al 18 gennaio
White lancia Wsm digital, un progetto online con focus sulla sostenibilità e sul mondo dell’artigianalità evoluta presentando 40 collezioni uomo e unisex.
Idee Brand Platform Launches Sustainable Fashion Rating Site
The online destination uses blockchain technology to offer environmental and ethical ratings for international emerging fashion labels. Download
Rivoluzione blockchain
Da Burberry ad Alexander McQueen fino a Farfetch. La moda abbraccia la nuova tecnologia per tracciabilità,autenticazione e sicurezza nelle transazioni. Download